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Thank you for your time and consideration. Could you personally spare $5 - $20 to help us win? 

We cannot win this campaign without YOU.  If you are ready to help please see all of the ways below to volunteer. Any donation of time, money or resources is always appreciated.  

  • SHARE the message with family and friends
  • Get SOCIAL and LIKE our page on Facebook Monica Sparks 4 Kent County Commissioner
  • VOLUNTEER your time and or resources
  • CALL to show support Monica Sparks, is accessible to listen to your questions, concerns or issues 616.813.9397
  • HOST a fundraiser or a YARD Sign…may we place a sign in your yard or business?
  • DONATE, every dollar helps, if you have similar views please consider donating $5 - $20 or more to Monica Sparks 4 Kent County Commissioner! 
  • VOTE: 8/07/18

All contributions of time, money or resources are GREATLY appreciated. Please read the below guidelines from the Michigan Bureau of Elections.


Contribution of Money: A Committee may accept direct contributions of money from legal sources. Direct contributions of $20.01 or more must be on written instruments such as a check, money order or credit card. Direct contributions of $20.00 or less may be received in cash.

  • Credit Card Contributions: A committee may receive contributions via credit card. The documentation requirement and the identifying information is the same as other contributions. The committee must collect and disclose the name of the contributor, address, date of the contribution and the amount. If the contribution is from an individual that gave over $100.00, the occupation and employer information is required to be collected and reported by the committee as well. An original signature from the contributor is not needed. The committee may set up an auxiliary account for purposes or receiving credit card contributions. This is considered a legitimate secondary depository. See (IS: 4/7/1978 Wyszynsk.) The committee must keep the records that substantiate the credit card contributions for 5 years.

In-kind Contribution: In-kind contributions are goods, services and facilities donated or loaned to the committee at no cost or at a discount. An in-kind contribution could be a donation of postage stamps, paying off a debt incurred by the committee or donating professional services to the committee. The value of an in-kind contribution is the fair market value of the goods or services or the usual rental charge of the facility. If the committee receives a discount unavailable to the general public, the value of the in-kind contribution is the amount discounted.

Loan as a Contribution: A committee may accept loans from legal sources. A loan is considered a contribution for the same amount as the loan. Therefore, a loan of $100.00 is a contribution of $100.00. A loan can be a loan of money or an in-kind contribution. A Loan Endorsement is an in-kind contribution to the committee in the amount of the endorsement.

For more detailed info you can go to,4670,7-127-1633---,00.html


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